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G74SX runs loud and vibrates near hard drive.

It just started happening today. And it isn't because of my processing percentage because It's always happening. I checked the temperatures and they're at 55 Celsius for my CPU, 55 C for my Video card and 34C for my hard disk. However, it rises, and...

Sleep mode

My g75 takes about 5 minutes to recognise that the screen has been closed before it enters sleep mode. It also decides to wake itself up randomly for up to half an hour at a time when the screen is closed. Is there any way that I can prevent this hap...

KiwiG75 by Level 7
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G75VX-3D not working after upgrading driver

I own the G75VX(gtx 670 mx).A few days ago asus had released the update containing nvidia 311.00 driver( which i believe they removed shortly afterwords).I upgraded my drivers with that update. Now im unable to play any sort of 3D content (be it mov...

parth by Level 7
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ASUS G75vx -HDMI .4a

I was trying to find an answer to this question or a thread connected to this issue but with no luck. If there is a dedicated thread or something please close this and point me to the answer. So is the HDMI port on ASUS G75VX- 1.4a- I'm sure that on...

Tomislav by Level 11
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gpu goes wild sometimes!

Hello! i have the following issue.sometimes i turn on GPU-Z and i see everything ok but then my temperature starts to go up and i see my clocks (core,shader,memory) at full load, this last 2-3 seconds and goes down.any ideas why? all i do is change t...

Taking off the bottom cover

So on my asus g75vw I took off the bottom cover and the small one(where the CPU fan is). I also removed the fan filters. The temperatures dropped by 5-6 degrees. I am just wondering if that's a wise thing to do. Could there be any consequences?

KirIvlev by Level 7
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Well... another topic about Recovery Partition on G75VW.

Good day everyone (well... not for me to be honest, because i'm tired too much for now :rolleyes:), I've got so big problem with that recovery partition, which is exactly not working now. Pre-history: 3 days ago i wanted to make 3 partitions on m...

Changing universal AC cable on G75VW charger

For those who know stuff about power and electricity...Is there anything wrong with changing the universal cable for the G75VW charger to one that only has 2 prongs (ie. no ground pin)?I looked closely at the UAC cable that came with the laptop and i...

Integrated camera disappeared from device manager, G75VX

I was able to use camera in Camera application of W8 and also in Skype but now after not using it for a month or two, I realised that I can't anymore. It is gone from device manager and refreshing doesn't find it. Also I can't seem to find a camera d...

r0ker by Level 7
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