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compressed air for cleaning?

i bought 2 air can with compressed air online.. it says it can clean computer hardware and many other electronics for dust... so i got it today and wanted to clean my g75vw... i tested it before i hit it and it turns up that the air is so compressed ...

nirO by Level 7
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G75VW-DS73-3D Charger

My G75 Charger recently broke, it was still under warranty, so I sent it in to ASUS and they are sending me a new one. While I am waiting for the new one to arrive, I was wondering if anyone knew of a non oem charger that I could get off of someplace...

wierd noise when downloading

i hear a click when i download with u torrent on my 750HDD noise come from inside the laptop just about where hdd should be.. its like a small clickafter i stop utorrent it still makes few times like that then click stops.... anyone had same problem...

nirO by Level 7
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Audio drivers

Sorry, I am just getting around to posting this question about an issue I observed while scrolling the device manager after purchasing the G75VX. I noticed that they loaded the Nvidia audio driver and the Realtek HD Audio driver at the factory. I w...

Draugrs by Level 7
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Unable to install ASUS Nvidia 311.00.02 driver for G75VX

Karrde wrote:After start of setup.exe the splash screen appears extremely short and it hangs (NVIDIA Install Application (32bit) at Task Manager) and nothing happens.Uninstalled all parts of old Nvidia Driver, disabled anti-virus completely (F-Secure...

Karrde by Level 10
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red screen when lift left side

hello...I am proud owner of G75. 2 days ago I came from the ship (seaman) and when I start my laptop, the win logo appeared with RED beck round, instead Black. Also the black colors on desktop was replaced with red. After couple of hour everything...

Lost My Original Box For My G75VW DS-72.

Hello Guys; I sent my notebook back for a R M A due to some problems I was experiencing. Upon receipt of the unit back they did not send it back in the original box it was shipped in. I have contacted ASUS twice about this and seam to be getting...

PhatJhn by Level 7
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