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ASUS Nvidia 311.00 new driver for G75VX

Just so that it is noted, ASUS officially released the 311.00 driver for the G75VX: installed it and will start testing. I wish it was the latest driver though.

gokica by Level 10
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USB Ports not working on G60JX

My USB ports are dying on my G60JX. Does anyone know if these are repairable? Is it something I could do myself? Two of them (right side as I look at the screen) are unusable to the point that if I try to plug anything into them while it's on, the la...

Carliee by Level 7
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G75vx DPC Latency (yellow stable)

Hello,I'm posting here because on every DPC Lantency posts on this form forum I see people getting a stable green benchmark but myself get something that keeps being yellow, even with everything turned off etc.. And I would like to know if there is a...


Fan don´t turn off

Hi all !! i start to think that ASUS g75vx is not a good notebook, why ?first, this is my second g75 notebook (BRAND NEW), The first one became a BRICK, no imagem on the screen after 10 days of use. After a RMA, Asus send to me a brand new G75vx ( ye...

joaosb by Level 7
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G55 power adapter making buzzing noise

Hi, I've been using my G55 without any problem for around 1 month. However, a strange buzzing sound was coming out from my power adapter yesterday when I switch on my laptop with the power adapter plugged in. The sound is quite inaudible if I did not...

chgan88 by Level 7
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compressed air for cleaning?

i bought 2 air can with compressed air online.. it says it can clean computer hardware and many other electronics for dust... so i got it today and wanted to clean my g75vw... i tested it before i hit it and it turns up that the air is so compressed ...

nirO by Level 7
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G75VW-DS73-3D Charger

My G75 Charger recently broke, it was still under warranty, so I sent it in to ASUS and they are sending me a new one. While I am waiting for the new one to arrive, I was wondering if anyone knew of a non oem charger that I could get off of someplace...