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ASUS G53SX Bezel loose after service on dead pixels.

I got an asus G53sx laptop. One day it had a thin vertical red line running down the screen, I guess it was dead pixels". Any way , I still had warranty left so I sent it to repair after talking to ASUS support. When it got back the screen had been r...


Need help with optimizing my new mSATA SSD

Hello,Well, after two long days of super fail cloning softwares, super fail disc imaging, and super fail self made Windows 8 install disc, I FINALLY have my SSD working! It has seriously been rough getting this thing to work!(Acronis, easeUS, and a f...

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Vicodin by Level 10
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Second hard drive dying again

HiI have a G75 and had the second 750Gb drive failed a while ago and now have a second one on its way out which is different brand etc than the original one from ASUS. Is there a fault with this model, my machine or something that I have missed eg: b...

Griffin by Level 7
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input and direction needed please

I'm new here and glad to be here. I've really tried to search the forums and google / youtube. I'm not a noob to forums. I previously owned a G50 or 55. I'm not 100% sure but it was orange and back in like 2008/9 it was an awesome machine.Well now I'...

Asus G74sx Ethernet not working..

Hello,so my Asus G74sx Wired connection isn't working, my wireless is working however (Being two different pieces of hardware)so yes, when I plug my cable in (And yes, I tested more then one) Both do work in my PS3 so, it's not the cableI tried downl...

Xoul by Level 7
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G53SW-XA1 Backlit Keyboard stays on when lid is closed

Hey guys - just wondering if this should work differently...when I close the lid, the backlit keyboard stays on. I have to remember every time, when I close it without turning it off, to turn off the backlit keyboard first.I use my laptop, most of th...

G51Jx, Windows 8, and the Softkeys

Hello!I've got a G51Jx, and am currently running Windows 8 Premium. I'm trying to get the bar of softkeys - the touch-sensitive controls next to the power and ExpressGate buttons - working, but I can't figure out how to make that happen.Which progra...