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G75vw - AS 71 Driver issues and guidance

Hello fellow Rog ownersI have been trying to use the latest drivers, at times wifi drivers or usb 3.0 or some or the other driver does not work.I try using free apps that can help me detect and update accordingly,but still no joy.Right now i have blu...

Win8 to Win7

HI,I bought a new laptop G75VW series preloaded with win8, and I have a genuine win7 pro that I would like to clean install. It seems that the bios don't allows another operating system to install, I think that as to do with the UEFI. Anyways, is the...

Qball by Level 7
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So I've used the horrible Windows 8 for a month....

I installed Windows 8 Pro to try it on my laptop since ASUS has all the necessary drivers for Windows 8....1) Had to revert to registry hacking to disable Hibernation as the old command line in DOS doesn't work on Windows 8 (powercfg -h off)Instead, ...

g53sw-xa1 issues

So for some reason one day I turned on my laptop and its a g53sw-xa1 by the way and my volume buttons where i press Fn and F10/F11/F12 does not work and plus now the backlit keyboard lights do not turn on but yesterday everything was working perfectl...

G74sx power problem

Power alternating between AC mode and battery mode. Appears have problem with power adapter (loose pins). I read on this forum that most likely need to replace motherboard. Is that correct. Thanks..

Nicko by Level 7
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ASUS G53SX Bezel loose after service on dead pixels.

I got an asus G53sx laptop. One day it had a thin vertical red line running down the screen, I guess it was dead pixels". Any way , I still had warranty left so I sent it to repair after talking to ASUS support. When it got back the screen had been r...


Need help with optimizing my new mSATA SSD

Hello,Well, after two long days of super fail cloning softwares, super fail disc imaging, and super fail self made Windows 8 install disc, I FINALLY have my SSD working! It has seriously been rough getting this thing to work!(Acronis, easeUS, and a f...

18367 18368
Vicodin by Level 10
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Second hard drive dying again

HiI have a G75 and had the second 750Gb drive failed a while ago and now have a second one on its way out which is different brand etc than the original one from ASUS. Is there a fault with this model, my machine or something that I have missed eg: b...

Griffin by Level 7
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