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Is the G74 the same size as the G75?

The Slappa Mask is advertised as being able to fit the G74, but no one mentions the G75. Unfortunately I've been burned a couple of times by 17.3" laptop backpacks already and I'm not willing to drop $100+ on one I haven't tried personally or gotten...

G75V Please Give me some advice and help

SO i bought Asus g75v few days ago .RAM 8GBCore i7 3610QM 2.3GHz QuadNVIDIA GTX 660m 4GBHDD 750GB WIN8I played some Battlefield online but my CPU is temp is like 70C 66C 69C 71C today.Yesterday the maximum temp was 69C 64C 67C 68C , the main point ...

Asus g75vx vs Asus me choose please!

Hello. I need to buy a 17.3" laptop, and if you can help me it will be very nice!In terms of work I will use for autocad, archicad, blender, adobe premiere and visual studio.In terms of games i will use for cs: global offensive and far cry 3!Asus g75...

G75VX-RH71-CA WiFi Drivers

I'm new here, but I've used Google, the forum search bars and can't seem to find any answer to this question. I got my VX today and immediately wanted to get Windows 8 off and install Windows 7. After some searches and downloads, I finally got Window...

Crysis 3 mouse smooth

So i have a g75vw laptop, and i bought Crysis 3 yesterday but i have a problem and that is that the mouse is incredible unresponsive, its very sluggish. And ive read that its a thing called "mouse smoothing" that causes it, and i have been trying to ...

Do I need to upgrade my BIOS G75VX.204 to 206 yes or no?

Do I need to upgrade my BIOS G75VX.204 to 206 yes or no ?, because ASUS say (Fix the bug that function hotkey Fn+F8 is workable (should be function-less) in setup menu when CSM disable).If yes how do I do it as I've never done this before.Also like t...

Nvidia Driver for G75VX...

I have a G75VX .. and it is impossible for me to download the Nvidia drivers because I can only install the "old" nvidia asuswhy Asus decided to do otherwise. with this choice, it can not take advantage of new updates from NVIDIA.I am stuck at 306.14...

nostrora by Level 7
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my laptop has a virus, ive search solutions for it but it didnt work. i think its name is 845321.exe the one that infects portable devices and hides the data on the flash drives then makes a shortcut. im running windows essentials to remove it but it...

Asus g75vw notebook Fan noice

Hi! i bought my Asus g75vw in october of 2012 and a few weeks back now my fan started to get really loud and noisy. i can barely talk on skype anymore and bringin it to the library is just out of the picture. I tried to clean my fan yeasterday but th...

Felox by Level 7
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Disable Touch Pad Inactive G46

I have been trying to figure out a way to disable the touch pad while gaming! There is a Function key to disable it but it is inactive on the G46! You press it and it does nothing. Is this a known issue or am I a lone wolf, I tested both Win 7 and 8...

HK-47 by Level 10
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