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ASUS G75VX-RH71-CA - 8GB SSD and RAM Question

HiGot it today, installed Samsung 128GB SSD, using stock one as data, so far i love it.I got cpl of questions.I read somewhere that this one has 8GB SSD, is this removable? - since there was only one HDD installed and 2nd try was empty?RAM - There is...

Akki by Level 7
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G75vx huge furmark score drop

I have a g75VX. i took a furmark test 1 month ago and my score was 952(max:59 degree celcius 15 fps without OC).Took it today (again without OC) and the score came out to be 504(62 degree celcius 8 fps).I've taken it about two more times and it stays...

parth by Level 7
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new g46 owner

hi,after owning my g74 for a year now and wanting something lighter i bought the g46vw.questions:1. No DVD - How do i reinstall windows if i want or need to?2. How do i make backups of the system like i did with th g74? I mean when i made backups on...

SPOILER ALERT :D Or could be.. G55 with 670M

This is taken from the ASUS's facebook site under the PAX East events they will be hosting.You will be playing on a G55 with 670M Even tho I had hoped for a bit more, 670M will do!Hopefully they will announce a release date soon, before I end up buyi...

Sagi by Level 7
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[G55] - Linux Dualboot

Hi,I was just wondering if there was any way to install Ubuntu or Elementary OS to dualboot alongside Windows 7 on the Asus G55VW?I burned a disc of Elementary OS but couldn't find anyway in the boot menu to boot from CD.Any help would be appreciated...

G75VX-T4106H - No extra ram slots?

Hi there.Seeing as I won't be able to get anything out of ASUS regarding the G55 and a possible 670M or 670MX card.I decided to purchase a G75VX instead.I had my eyes on G75VX-T4106H @

Sagi by Level 7
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Asus G74SX-1ATY + 3D Monitor Replacement help

Long story short will I be able to use an ASUS G74SX-91171V (3D) with my Asus G74SX-1ATY. I've switched the monitors before with no problems and now I'm ready to switch again but I am just unsure if this 3D will work or not. so any help/advice would ...

G46 - How do i force Nvida 660m chip use in games?

HiI have the asus g46 laptop. It has an Intel 4000 GPU as well as an Nvidia 660M GPU.I just loaded up the new Simcity and am finding that it's using the Intel 4000 GPU instead of the Nvidia 660m GPU.I know this because the game displays a grid line ...

Bought dvd, windows installation ask for Load driver.

Hi, tried to search the forums but didnt find any solution for my problem so here goes.I just bought a samsung 840 SSD and replaced the original drive with it.Booting windows7 from a usbstick works fine, but after I click install I get the following ...

Dlindh by Level 7
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