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System process causes high disk acticity, ASUS G75VW

The system process (PID 4) causes a high access to the hard drives with more than 1 MB/sec. This drastically reduces the performance and the computer takes a long time to respond. Very annoying. This high disk activity lasts for about half an hour. W...

ThS by Level 7
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[solved] Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

Hello everybody. I have a new Asus G75.My problemMy problem is that after the login, when I start the first program, the screen becomes black for an instant; then the backlight goes to maximum setting, the image comes back and following message appea...

cntmrc by Level 7
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New battery for Asus G53SX

Currently my battery's life has been shortened to 10 minutes (idle) or 2 minutes (youtube)...This after 1 year of almost non-stop usage of the laptop.I've used all different sorts of guidelines for extending battery life in mind, but it looks like it...

G46VW and GTX 660m question

Hello there! Long time lurker, first time poster! Recently joined the ROG family last week with the G46 (with the updated i5 3230 processor) and had a question about how the GTX660m is used.When I play a game, using the built in monitor, I exit the g...

G75VX laptop blackscreen

Got my new laptop 3 days ago, now when I try to put it on the screen stays black and nothing happens! what shall I do ?

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G46VW Upgrades

I currently have the stock G46VW with the i5, 5400rpm HDD, & 8gb RAM from Best Buy.I am thinking of possible upgrades for my laptop & would like some feedback on importance of the upgrades. Here are some upgrades I am thinking about eventually doing....

GTX 670MX Drivers?

Hello, I recently purchased the G75VX. I am looking to install the latest drivers the GPU but when I go to the NVIDIA website it refers me to the ASUS website but I can't seem to find them.Also does the g75vx-bhi7n11 have 3D capabilities? Thank you!!

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NVIDIA GeForce 700M GPUs Announced

In NVIDIA's ongoing efforts to monopolize the technical-sounding graphics card market, the California-based components manufacturer today announced a fresh mobile line of GPUs aimed at notebook computing. That's five new GPUs in total, with the GeFor...

UnAimed by Level 9
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