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Asus G73jh video driver problems

My dad has a g73jh, and he's having many issues involving his driver not wanting to update properly. His card is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870, and the second latest driver he has will work almost perfectly, the latest driver doesn't. Now when he pl...

DVD-RAM Capability?

Hello!I just bought myself a G75VW (660M model) and I love it; this thing has more power than my aging desktop, actually stays cooler, and uses less power. Plus, it's just built like a tank. Was considering the 670MX model, but for $200 and a large...

Thermal paste

Hi all I'm going to repaste my CPU and GPu and wondering which thermal paste do you guys think is better arctic cooling mx-4 or arctic silver 5 thanks

ushhh by Level 7
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Asus G75 Subwoofer not working

I recently noticed that my subwoofer is no longer functioning, not that big of a deal considering when it did work, i remember it screwing up the audio but still I would like to be able to use it if I find a way to add a Low Pass Filter on it in the ...

Wifi card antennae cut on G73JH

So I recently bought a G73JH from ebay and the guy who sold it to me said there was nothing wrong with it. But when I get it the wifi doesn't work no matter what I do so I open up the computer and see that the black wire leading to the wifi card is c...

Are my eyes ok or does Splendid suck?

I tried using Splendid to enhance the colors on my crappy glossy 17.3 full HD screen but all the other profiles of Splendid appear to be kinda orangy / red. So the only one which looks good is the normal I missing something here?

Volume lowering itself when closing the lid

Well, I am the type who like to listen to music when I sleep, my G75V was working completely fine until today when I was going to sleep.Now I have the volume on 50 and connected the PC to my Stereo, however, when I close the lid, the volume lowers it...

Can't install Virtual Camera.

HiI try to instal Virtual Camera on G74SX but when i start it after few second it shows me informatio thatsome modules can't be instal/registerWhat should I do?

adzibu by Level 7
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Upgrade to 32GB memory...

Hey everyone! New to the forum. My HP laptop from 2007 (the first 4GB RAM ones) got stolen last year and I need an upgrade. Saw some ROG laptops on ebay but looked into it and came across this site. Thinking of getting a G75VX in about a week from be...