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Corsair Vengeance RAM..

I am getting the G75VW - from what I gather, some have reported issues, some not. I picked up 32 GB of this RAM 10-10-10-27. Is anyone currently using this RAM with no issues? Please post your feedback - thanks!

"ASUS Music Now" problem !!

Ok fellas, today when I turn on my laptop, I accidentally press the P4G button near the power button, so the laptop still turn on, but it showed a message that my laptop havent installed ASUS Music Now yet. So that I go online, download it and instal...

Creating recovery disks...

I have tried searching the forums, but I'm evidently not able to determine which "super-squirrel-secret" words to use to find what I'm looking for. I know I've read it previously in these forums, but forgot to take note of the location at the time.I...

Skull6 by Level 10
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Asus G75VX Lag Spikes + Programs not responding.

Hello everyone,I recently just got my ASUS G75VX-RH71-CA from NCIX online store, but I have been facing some issues lately. Whenever I run high demanding games such as Far Cry 3 and Skyrim, I always get this mini lag spike every now and then which bo...

G75VW - Screen problems

HelloI have 2 problems.1. When it displays dark images, the screen starts to pulsate black/grey. I believe this might be a driver issue, since it doesn't happen when i uninnstall the driver, but thats no solution.. it only renders the computer useles...

gpuzz by Level 7
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G75VW Upgrade to 3940XM

Hey guys. I got my G75WV from BestBuy and it's a GTX 660M version. I have couple questions. 1.I'm doing render and editing video. I want to change my processor to 3940XM but I did read some problems about the power of 3940XM is 55W and G75 supports 4...

BoUlker by Level 7
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which is quieter, G75vw or G75vx?

sup guys,which do you think has quieter fans, vw or vx?asus seems famous for its quiet cooling so just wondering how they're handling the new vxi don't have a vx so i can't compare, but some vw's have this weird buzz or hum going on. anyone having th...

ben02 by Level 9
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G75VW Bios upgrade question

Hi new memeber here, sorry if this has been covered before; I did a bit of searching but didn't find the answer to my particular questions.I just got a new G75VW and the BIOS version is 207, I see that the current is 223.1) Should I upgrade to the la...