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which defrag/optimizer software do u guys think is the best diskeeper, perfect disk pro, o&o defrag, any others thanks

ushhh by Level 7
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Asus G73 terrible HDMI performance

So here is the deal - the performance I get out the HDMI port of my Asus G73JH is absolutely atrocious. It was working just fine up until recently when I kind of broke the HDMI cable I was using, a very ordinary Hama HDMI, so I bought a new one. When...

Upgraded SSD - Samsung 840 Pro vs Plextor M5M

So I upgraded the SSD in my laptop. I was using a Plextor M5M 128gb mSATA SSD / 500gb 7200 RPM HDD. Well I filled up the mSATA rather fast. (I knew I should have gotten a bigger one) Well I was on ebay the other day and noticed someone had some brand...

Vicodin by Level 10
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Blu-ray internal for G75VX?

Hey all! Just got my g75vx and i was wondering if there was a certain internal Bluray drive that will fit? I apologize if there is already a thread for this.

G75 - BIOS update, now no bios post

Hello,I performed a BIOS update (believe it was 223) - which went through with no issue. After I bios updated, I rebooted and when back into the BIOS to reset my settings back to the way I had it. I only changed the boot order, and the sound effects ...

MaacK by Level 7
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G75 (Fry's version) Temperature problem

The thing is. I play mainstream games and get around 40-80Fps in every game on 1080P + high SettingsBut the thing is, I never overclock it, or afraid too. I don't know how.These are my temperatures, (NON OC'ed)Idle - 29-40 CIN Game with semi max sett...