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Font and 1600x900 fuzzy

At default my screensize is now 1900x1024 and font = medium (125%)which makes things really big in my programming world and I changed it to Font= normal (100%)but then the font is tiny, but everything else is normal again...So I thou...

pka4916 by Level 7
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Memory Question

I found that it can handle up to 32 Gb.Can I just put 2x 16 Gb into it? so I end up with 40 Gb or.... since there is 8 Gb in it already, I can only add 24Gb to it ?Can't really find much info over it.2nd issue..I see on the Asus Website a NEWER vi...

pka4916 by Level 7
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G75V Bios password

I was recently fiddling around the BIOS settings and added a password to it without realizing what it really meant (kinda stupid). I know the password but is there a way to remove the password without having to send in the laptop to Asus support?Than...

ASUS G73JH Motherboard Crash and CMOS Battery

I have created multiple posts before but I am now creating another one since everyone stopped responding to me the last time. I am still having the blank screen crash. Its usually a black blank screen when gaming or watching a video and a blank white...

CATTER by Level 7
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G75 Won't Power on After Closing the Lid

Last night my wife tried to interrupt the computer going into sleep mode by opening the lid after having just closed it, because she realized a print job she had sent might not have been completed yet. The computer did not come back on and I have no...

Shanx by Level 7
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FN key and ROG button...

I'm hoping that someone may know how to change the fn key so that I can take advantage of the function keys without hitting the fn button (opposite of how it works by default). Also the ROG button... My Logitech keyboard gives me the option to swap ...

G75vx intel RAID

HI, I've heard that the RAID technology gives the fastest transfer rates for hard disks.Also the chipset in the g75vx is supposed to be compatible with it. When i opened the boot optionsSATA config menu it shows that i'm using AHCI instead of RAID.WI...

parth by Level 7
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