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Msata not detected anymore in Bois (G55vw)

Hi all ,I have 2 HDD in my laptop Msata Mushkin 120g (primary) and seagate 750g , windows installed on the Msata.yesterday i turn on my G55 but it didnt boot up , i check bois and only 1 hard disk detected the 750g seagate .so anybody can help please...

G55 turns itself on randomly after putting to sleep WIN8

Hey,I have a problem with my new windows 8. I had win7 before but switched to win8 recently. The thing is, my computer turns itself on randomly when it's in sleep mode. It already happened few times and two times while it was in bag! It was really h...

cjakub by Level 7
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Asus G73SW Choppy Gameplay for APBR

Hey guys,I've been playing a game called Apb Reloaded recently and it seems that im getting choppy graphics, the graphics freeze every now and thenim using the asus g73sw. What should i do to make my computer run the game faster. keeping in mind im o...

Cause of unresponsive/sluggish keys on G74

I noticed that one of the keys on my new G74 was not responding as well as the others. I decided to pop the keys off and compare the unresponsive one to the normal functioning ones. Here's what I found: The bottom of the sluggish/unresponsive key ...

griftir by Level 8
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Asus G75VX USB problem

I bought the Asus g75vx from Best Buy.My usb ports sometime do not work when I turn on the computer from shut down. I would have to unplug my usb devices such as mouse and my wacom tablet (usb hub connected but also tried connect directly) and restar...

G75VW-BBK5 3D Monitor Upgrade?!

I have the Best Buy model and have already put in an SSD, RAM, and a Blu Ray drive to got me thinking....could you buy the monitor that is in the 3D model and plug and play to use it? The 660m has 3D vision so I don't see why not....Anyone sm...

jdog1473 by Level 7
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