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G55VW - Linux DualBoot

Hi, is there any chance to make a DualBoot on this NB? Because I tried not long ago, but I totally messed up something. I tried to Install Ubuntu 12.04. The installation was successful, but when I rebooted the system, some errors came up from nowher...

What are the little pads on the GPU?

Hello I have an Asus G60JX I removed my cpu and gpu to clean but my kids removed the little pads that were on the gpu and the heat sink. I think there thermal pads but I just want to be sure what they are before I order them. If you guys know a good ...

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G75vw rma

HelloI have been in contact with asus support regarding the horrible display they have used on this model.-Will they replace it with the same identical crap or will they give me a panel that actually works?I got the chi mei thingy, i believe there is...

gpuzz by Level 7
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asus g75vw hardware issue please help

so i was having a issue with my graphics card so i was forced to do a format of the whole computer so i lost everything i had which i didnt mind but i noticed when the computer was done formatting itself and it rebooted i could no longer hit the butt...

Problem in booting G75VX

Hi guys, I've recently started having a problem with my G75vx. When I power it on as soon as the POST ends the screen flickers and goes black for about 3-5 minutes.During this time my laptop doesn't respond to any key hits. After about five minutes I...

parth by Level 7
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This might sound weird

I watched Smosh's ULTIMATE ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 SONG [Music Video] and i blasted the speakers. I decided to cover the speakers for fun and when i covered the subwoofer, it was like the volume went down tremendously and when i did the same to the soundb...

ASUS G75VX missing Stereoscopic 3d in nvidia control panel

I just got my new asus g75vx last week and cant run 3d everytime i try something in 3d it says to enable in stereoscopic nvidia panel, i saw how it looks on the internet and im missing it. I checked my driver and it says its up to date also. PLEASE h...

Ej_3000 by Level 7
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new harddrive is it normal it gets much noisy´r

so i upgraded my harddrive to the momentus xt but ever since i have my g75 is so noisy before it was almost silent now it sounds like the fans are always at max or something like that. i can live with it im just worring something is wrong. and now i ...

Ztrust by Level 7
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ASUS G75VX T4175H 3D problem

I recently bought an ASUS G75 and was super excited, i got back home and it was working perfect, I had seen a little note on the website saying that it had got 3D. Does it really have 3D because i can't seem to find the stereoscopic 3D option in Nvid...