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G75vx stripped screw on HDD bay

So I was trying to unscrew my hard drive in the second bay to upgrade it, and I accidentally stripped one of the screws. Anyone have any ideas about how to get it out? I have a replacement screw ready, but I urgently need to replace my hard drive, an...

Hashed by Level 7
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Wifi issues with new g46vw

So I purchased an Asus g46vw from Bestbuy after reading many a glowing review, my problem is that the wireless connection seems horrid, I only get 2.6 Mbps download speeds according to while all my other devices get around 17, I already...

Upgrading my G75VW

Hello peeps,I want to upgrade my G75VW.My specs atm:750 GB Hybrid Drive ( 8 GB flash ) / 7200 opm8 GB ( 2 x 4 GB ) RAM (I got two empty chip docks)I want to add a 250gb SSD and double my amount of RAM gb, but I am unsure of which SSD to choose and if...

Tobster by Level 7
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My new G75vx is dead after less then 24h [SOLVED]

Hi there!A few days ago I received my new G75vx. I started to upgrade windows 8 overnight, because of a slow wifi.The next morning wasn't all downloaded. It could have been because the computer might paused when I closed the lid.I tried to run window...

Tenhult by Level 7
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G46 availability?

Hopefully someone here can answer my questions: I may be interested in buying an Asus G46, but the only place in the US I'm seeing them for sale is Best Buy. Is there currently anywhere else to buy them in the US, and will the 1600x900 models be rele...

ASUS G74: 256Gb SSD / 750Gb HDD

ASUS have partitioned my SSD drive into 3 partitions. The first partition is 25Gb, has no name and is not accessible to me. Can anyone explain ?? My 2nd drive, a HDD, is 750Gb, has 2 partitions with each having 350Gb accessible. Why are 50 Gb not ...

valoisr by Level 7
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New G75VX Defective or not? Please help.

Okay, SO most of you guys might know me from few posts on my g74 RMA issues. so I bought myself a g75vx and called it a day.the Asus model I have is a G75VX. bought it from Amazon and it's 2 weeks old.It came with the screen borders ..popped out on e...