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Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz

So I bought 2x4 Corsair SO-DIMM's for my laptop hoping for some improvement with the 1600Mhz speed but instead have not got much. The sticks run at 1334MHz .. So is this worse or better than my previous RAM and I was wondering about suggestions on wh...

G75VW with 802.11ac ... But in reality it has 802.11b/g/n

There are several sources online talking about the ASUS G75VW having 802.11AV WiFi but where is it?I just got my G75VW a few days ago and it only has 802.11B/G/N.... I was expecting Broadcom 802.11AC but I got Qualcomm Atheros 802.11 B/G/N. What's go...

Bag for G75VX

Hi guys! I need some help with buying G75VX laptop bag. Do you guys have any suggestion which one I should get? I'm looking for those that are not too expensive, CAD$50-100 maybe? I'll be traveling across countries so any suggestion that would be bes...

nikko by Level 7
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G73JW Keyboard

Greetings everyone,Three years ago in November I brought a G73JW and a couple of days ago I started having problems with the D not being detected if I didn't make some pressure and by some I mean more than normal, anyway, since I didn't had a can of ...

A tale of two G75's

A lot of people state that the unhappy customers will be the most vocal. And while this is certainly true, it doesn't mean that you should ignore what the unhappy customer is saying. I recently purchased two G75 models from Newegg. Out of the box, my...

zeromod by Level 7
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Metro Last Night

Anyone already played the new game metro last night?Is it good optimized? Not like the previous game, that you need a hardcore gaming system to play it on High?I'm going to play it today. i'm looking forward to it i hope i can play on high/ultra

TokoDude by Level 10
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G75VW Image

Looking for a image of G75VW with windows 8 as mine was.If anyone could make a image for me would be helpful to get my system working right

Anixter by Level 7
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G75VW unplugging it ..... a question

I use my G75VW as a desktop replacement. Ive had it for about 2 months now and rarely unplug from the wall outlet. I noticed this little tidbit in the manual tho..."WARNING! DO NOT connect the AC power cord to an AC outlet prior to connecting the DC ...

dogfart by Level 7
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