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G46 laptop broken light thingy?

I'm talking about the 6 lights beneath the touchpad. The first one (from the left) is always on, but the 3rd one keeps "beeping" and making a strange noise while doing so. Is it broken? Anyone else experience this?

Bubu91 by Level 7
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G73 hardware failure?

Hi,I have a G73JH and this just started happening and ill try to explain is the best way possibleI'll turn my laptop on (power connected) and everything starts up normal and I go about my normal business. Wether I leave it idle, or am playing a game...

wcryan by Level 7
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Replacement Wifi/BT Card

I was curious as to when I could upgrade the wifi/BT card in my laptop to the ac/BT4.0 (for those who don't know BT stands for blue tooth). Since I have bought my brand new Asus AC router I have been itching to feel the full power of it. It is amazin...

dabigin by Level 7
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Weird Problem Reading CD/DVD with G75VW and Windows 8

I just came of a clean install of Windows 8 - Pro on my G76VW-BBK5 and this time everything is running really well. So I decided I wanted to to play an older game but the drive will not read the disk? I have installed games older than this with no ...

Wheres the Win7 product key?

Just noticed no sticker on laptop anywhere that has the Win7 product key. I have an app that finds such keys and it did indeed find the Win7 product key. I assume this should be saved if I ever want to do a clean install of Win7? I can always dnld Wi...

dogfart by Level 7
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ram disk on my rogi ( g75vx) , need your help ...

Hi gamers i want to use fancy cach or ram disk on my lovely g75vx ( 16 G ram )i've searched on google and found out that 'ram disk' is better that ' fancy cash' ( that's my opinion ! please correct me if i'm wrong ) anyway , i've downloaded SoftPerfe...

"Ram disk" or " fancy cach " ? witch on ei s better ?

Hi and sorry guysi don't want to put double post ,but i decided to start a new one cause i think this two options are really necessary for gamers to decrease the response time !please help me to make the difference clear :does the 'ram disk' take eff...

G46 with Atheros WiFi

Hello!My G46 just arrived today (yay!) and I found out, using, that I have an Atheros WiFi card, and not an Intel one. Do all european variants get this card? Is it the much worse than the Intel one?

Bubu91 by Level 7
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