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I thought all mobile intel processors came with the HD4000 Graphics card...Reason I ask is, why no switching ability for lower power consumption?SSD should lower the consumption overall... I would have guessed that the HD4000 will consume a lot less ...

G55 Bricked

Hello, I was attempting to set my bios to boot from dvd and when I saved the bios and rebooted, my dvd drive would not boot first. So I attempted to get into the bios again to check the settings and I couldn't get the bios screen to come up on boot. ...

LLemon by Level 7
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G75vw case mod

Im thinking of modding the case of my g75vw. Im thinking of painting the aluminium parts all red and maybe getting some led lights into the afterburner exhaust outlets.Has anyone attempted mods to their g75 yet?I know most people have paid alot of m...

Cyrax by Level 7
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G75vw - rma

HeyI send't my computer in for an RMA...They desided to replace, VGA,Motherboard and the Display...So i hope this will fix the problem i had with flickering etc....The reason i posted this, was because some said don't bother because they will not do ...

gpuzz by Level 7
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Sample rate question (sound related)

I use headphones with my G75VW and found that the default setup for sound sucks when listening to Krewella (don't judge me ). I tried adjusting the settings as described in the stickied thread but it didn't help much. The problem was that the sound ...

G75VX WiFi Chipset - Model: T4135H (Netherlands)

I got a quick question as i couldnt find this anywhere on the forum.I just placed my order for the G75vx, and i want to know with wireless chipcet i can find in this unit as on the forum there are a lot of different chips.I just want to know so i can...

G46 laptop broken light thingy?

I'm talking about the 6 lights beneath the touchpad. The first one (from the left) is always on, but the 3rd one keeps "beeping" and making a strange noise while doing so. Is it broken? Anyone else experience this?

Bubu91 by Level 7
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