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G752VS-XS74K OC Edition Warning: Overclocked Failed Message.

Straight out of the box my new G752 displayed big red rectangle message from the RoG Gaming Center that said: Overclock failed which was followed by the steps to enter BIOS and restore defaults. Steps I've taken to correct problem:Updated to BIOS v3...

jmike by Level 7
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G750JH charging problem

Hello all,I purchased the laptop new when they dropped, roughly 2 years ago. I have loved this thing intensely since then and treated it very well, but recently I've had power issues. The laptop(plugged in) will sometimes charge, others not. When ...

help to identify burnt component (G55VW)

hye, so last two years I accidentally burnt one of the components in my motherboard and caused the display has no back-light. my idiot hand and brain cause this accident to happen where i forgot to unplug the battery while try to adjust the LCD cable...

G55VW Backlight Fuse Location?

My backlight fuse on my G55VW laptop has shot. I am looking to repair the motherboard and I know the fuse is shot, but what I do not know is the location and the exact kind of fuse that it is so that I can order a new one. Anyone know by chance?

Serfma by Level 7
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G752VS and Geforce Experience driver updating

Hey guys,I've had a G752VS for over a year now. I haven't had any real problems with it, but from past experience with ASUS gaming laptops I know there's some weirdness as far as graphics card drivers and using the download section on the ASUS site.F...

GL702VS Black screen help please!!!!

Ok I got a ROG GL702VS and yesterday I was stupid and erased a secure boot “authorized signature” key and now it went blank after rebooting. No Asus logo no nothing, as if the screen itself power is off but i can tell it’s powered on but very hey fai...

no2sc2 by Level 7
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