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G53SW Occasionally won't go past ASUS logo

As title says. Occasionally after turning it on it won't go past ASUS logo, however if I go in to BIOS first then Save & Exit, it will boot up normally.All drivers up to date and not messed up. Received it back from repair center on Tuesday, 18th Jun...

aMgDrew by Level 7
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HELP Keyboard Locking Up...?

I got my G75VW about a week ago and have finally settled down and started gaming. One problem...Ive noticed that while gaming, the keyboard (Built in) will randomly "Lock up" either keeping my character moving in one direction leaving me unable to st...

Proplem playing game in 3D

Helo,I recently bought the G75VX. I Updated the nvidia drivers version to managed to play tomb raider one time in 3D by playing around with the 3d settings in the nvidia configuration panel.If I go to (in firefox) to https://www.3dvisi...

Touchpad Driver issues

I've been having issues with my touchpad reactivating it self after i launch a game, or after a random period of time. (I always use a mouse) As some people know the touchpad is ridiculously sensitive and the slightest bump can stop you from typing u...

sollaan by Level 7
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ASUS G74 2nd Hard Drive Caddy and Cable

Does anyone know where to get the 2nd HDD caddy and cable for the G74SX. I ordered mine and they didn't tell me that I had to order the connector from them at the time of purchase. Everywhere else it was just in the laptop. So I am stuck buying it fr...

Retired by Not applicable
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Freezing issues with G75VX

Alright, so I had a thread yesterday about my G75VX having issues with a defective gpu.I took it back to best buy, and got another one. This one has worked fine, I've used it for a day or so installing games and updating a few drivers here and there....

Adding PIN ports to a G73JH

I'm new to ASUS ROG but I love my G73JH and everything about it but for work i need to be able to use 9 through 25 pin ports that I have only been able to find on older notebooks. I don't want to buy another notebook so I was wondering if there was a...

fast boot

how can i make the my g75 make its boot faster than 37-45 seconds without using ssd? in kseries laptop they have a fast boot app how about the gseries?

Bryan123 by Level 7
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Asus G73sw intel HD graphics on windows 8??

Hi,I recently installed windows 8 on my G73sw that has Nvidia gtx 460 and it start overheating, idle temp 60's and mas 90's.I had no problem when it was on windows 7, I think that is because it is not using the intel integrated graphics anymore and i...