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What is good for the battery? G46VW

Hello,This is kind of a noob question, but hey this is my first laptop.So I have a G46VW and it has a non removable battery and since right now I'm not in the US replacing it can be a pain. So I want to be keep it safe and working for a long time. We...

rhk217 by Level 7
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G75VX Sound issue PLZ help

Greetings. Brand new G75vx just got it 2 weeks ago or so, fresh install of windows 8. Problem is audio will only play through the internal speakers when headphones are plugged into the jack. When i insert headphones into the jack says i just unplugge...

Lionol by Level 7
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Coollaboratory liquid ultra on G74SX

Hello fellow ROGers, I am contemplating about replacing my oem TIM with CL liquid ultra. Anyone here have any experience with this particular TIM? What I've gathered is that this TIM will corrode aluminum if it comes in contact with it. I know for su...

Windows 8 boot question

Am i right to think that when you convert to MBR from UEFIthen you have your normal boot/startup again.. Like 1-2 minutes.with the UEFI it takes maybe 10-20's like a boot images loads and you are ready to go..Please correct me if I am wron...

pka4916 by Level 7
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asus g74sx sound problem

Havent seen the issue posted up here or maybe im blind lol but I have a G74SX-NH71 and recently for some reason im not getting any soind output from my speakers but my bios loading sound does make sound and one occasion it worked randomly. headphone ...

jayrx by Level 9
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Assassin's Creed: Revelation and G53SW

Hello all! I'm a new user, i don't find any general question thread, therefore, i don't know if opening a thread for a very simplequestion is something of regular.I'm willing to buy Assassin's Creed: Revelation from Steam, but in the "recommended sys...

Alesat by Level 7
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Which to buy , G750JX or G75VX ?

Hi. I live in Azerbaijan, and there not always have last models of G series of ASUS. I need to buy some notebook to use in gaming, and I come to ASUS G series. Here in my country I find G75VX model for price about 2400$ which the seller give me loca...

javidang by Level 7
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Button next to power button? Asus G75VW/Nvidia

I just bought an Asus G75VW laptop. This is my first Asus computer/laptop and im not sure what certain does. I wanted to know what that button next to the power button does with a republic of gamer logo on it, and how to use it.Also, I was looking at...

G74SX Black Screen upon boot up

So, my G74SX has recently started (I can't pinpoint the date, but it is within one month at least) displaying complete black screen when I start the laptop, all up until the "Welcome" part. I can't even access the BIOS either. Everything else seems p...

Namidy by Level 7
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