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G751JT - Cursor flickering and everything is slow.

This just recently started happening. My mouse cursor is flickering and my entire laptop is slow. When my cursor doesn't flicker, everything is fine. Anyone have something similar happen to them and know a fix? GPU/CPU/Memory seems normal but memory ...

teefn by Level 7
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G751 + Cooling Pad: Effect?

Hey guys! I bought a Cooler Master cooling pad for my G751JY. I didn't have any heat problems to begin with, but I thought I'd grab it when I saw it on sale the other day, never hurts to cool down a few extra degrees.I started using it yesterday, and...

G752VS - Oculus Rift USB setup, solved

Hi,I am using a G752Vs, mostly as a Desktop replacement.I comes with : 2x USB 3.0 on the left2x USB 3.0 on the right1x USB 3.1-C on the rightI want to connect:1x USB HUB 3.0 with lots of periphery (3 mice, RGB keyboard, Soundcard)1x Oculus Rift goggl...

ASUS G46VW - Black screen all the time

Hi I've purchased an ASUS G46VW while on a visit to the USA. The harddrive however was faulty (tested in my other machine with several tools) and I replaced it with a SSD. Windows 8 did not want to be installed however,...

Runem by Level 7
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Looking for vbios G750JY - Gtx980M 4Gb

Hi everyone,All is in the title, i've searched it everywhere and cant find it really. I already tried on TechPowerUp, and the only one compatible makes a blank screen after Linux start.Of course i did save the original one, but the copy on usb key ju...

madpeky by Level 7
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Advices about cleaning a 2-year-old G751JL

Hello,So I have been using a rog G751JL and for the last few months I have been witnessing somehow bad performances ingame.It is only recently I noticed that it was probably due to overheating (ex: everything is fine but when the gpu goes beyond a ce...

Asus G53sx-a1 keyboard function problem

Dear everyoneI am having an issue with my laptop keyboard that some of the keys aren't functioning, some times they work well with no problem and some time they aren't working at all.I tried uninstalling the keyboard driver and re-installing, checkin...

amedhat by Level 7
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Asus G51v laptop failure after BIOS update

I purchased this laptop a few weeks ago and after fixing the screen and re-applying better thermal paste I decided to make the fateful decision to update the BIOS to the latest release. I matched the BIOS up and assured it was the correct version for...

G752VS Overheating Issue

Hello to all,My G752VS is overheating (or I thnik it is because to me the degrees are not normal), with max. degree of 98C on CPU (i7 6820HK) and 91C on GPU (GTX 1070), even on medium performance intense games like Battlefield Bad Company 2. I underv...

G751 Black Screen after waking from Sleep

I have a G751 which some time ago started having the following issue:The screen sometimes doesn't wake from sleep and stays black no matter what, making the machine inoperable. The only way to get out of it is to push the power button. This also happ...

crotiee by Level 7
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