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The Witcher 2 performance on G750JX

Hey guys, just wanted to know if anyone else has been running the witcher 2 on their JX. If so at what settings? I've been running the game on the default High spec option and been getting around 40fps avg with temps going as high as 71C. Running the...

G75VW Boots to Black Screen

I was using the computer this morning with no issues but when I turned on the computer a little bit ago, the screen is completely black. I read through some old threads and did the whole remove battery, hold down power button thing and it didn't work...

Asus G55vw Subwoofer not working!

Hello all,I got the drivers that should make make the sound fixed, from the sticky thread above.My Subwoofer doesn't even make a sound. When I test it on the VIA HD Audio Deck, it only shows on the sound settings that it works. but I don't hear any s...

ShayDD by Level 7
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need you guide about VIA drivers ...

Hi everyonei just found that most of G75 owners are using VIA drivers . so i decided to test that on my C75Vx ( i'm not sure about "step 4" on the link above ! how can i found my VIA product ?g75VX16G...

G750JX-DB71 shutdown problem

The last couple of times that I tried to shutdown Windows, it hanged and I had to use the power button to force it. I just got the notebook a few days ago. The problem did not happen at first. All I have done so far is install a couple of games an...

tnili by Level 7
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Sound Problem with gt75vx

Hi when im on skype or on youtube the sound will like "jump" out and then after a while will just "jump" back in.I'm a noob at this stuff so can anyone help or give some suggestions

jusfal by Level 7
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CPU stuck at 800MHz on battery

Any way I can make it run at full speed on battery? I can't game even for 10 minutes as they go choppy as hell. The culprit is the CPU speed.

tului by Level 7
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Getting a G73 Power Supply/Charger to work on an Airplane

Was looking for some advice. The newer planes have a universal plug but my G73 charger will not work when connected to it. Was wondering if anyone had this issue, or if there is either something wrong with my charger or that the plane just doesn't pu...

jo326 by Level 7
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G75VX SSD upgrade and RAID

Hey everybody!I got a new SSD for my laptop but i'm unsure of a couple of things:after installing windows (8) is it ok to turn on security check?what RAID configuration is better seeing as i got the SSD and the 750 HDD?is the recovery partition that ...

AlexK661 by Level 7
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