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ASUS ROG G750 Notebook Preview and SoundTest

Here's a preview of this laptop but it's in low quality. By the way as for the screen issues, i've yet to get my unit, but i've tested the demo sets around my area and all had no issues with the screen while playing some trailers with dark scenes. Un...

Snapped piece off of bottom cover, now it's floating around...

As I took the bottom cover off to throw in a new HyperX 3k SSD into my G75, I noticed one of the small little hook-like pieces that you pop into the back snapped off. It is by my back left fan, and I am SUPER worried that it's gonna get caught up bac...

JDS by Level 7
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Having issues with my G53SX-DH71 Laptop

Hi, I recently upgraded my laptop to a SSD Mushkin Chronos 240 Gb and as second drive the one I previously got installed a Hybrid 750 Gb Seagate. I did a fresh install of windows, but I'm having sometimes issues while booting, before the windows logo...

Confused... Does G46 actually has Thunderbolt?

I am shopping a laptop. I require thunderbolt because I need to plug my sound card in firewire (with adapter) to it.I was about to go for G46VW for its mobility + power and thunderbolt. But as I was about to order I asked the sale person, just to mak...

Nvidia drivers 320.49 fail to install

I've just downloaded the updated drivers from I have 765m model and it fails compatibility check. Anyone else get this? Really annoying cause the current drivers from ASUS support site seem to have problems with certain games like BF3.EDI...

Your experience thus far with your Asus G-Series Notebook

As the title says, I am curious how your experiences with your notebooks have been. It could be as simple as a one-word summary. I want to know how you feel about your notebook and why. What changes would you make and how would you rank it? To start,...

JDS by Level 7
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Decision to replace motherboard or CPU? Fried Asus G75VW

Hello, I previously had a problem in another thread where my computer died of overheating in drastic heat temps. I found out that either the CPU or motherboard was completely fried, but I'm not sure which one I will have to replace (hopefully not bo...

G73JW triple HDD/SSD

Hey everybody, After 2 years and 8 months (and being used for 2 years and a couple days) my main seagate HDD is having some random problems, so I am going to replace it with an WD 750 7200. And I had the idea of keeping on the computer since it stil...

A1207P by Level 7
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G55vw starcraft 2

Hi i wanted to know if the g55vw-dh71 can play starcraft 2 on ultra smoothly? because i tried it and was really laggy. is it my conection or the laptop. lmk thanks.