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G75VX SSD upgrade and RAID

Hey everybody!I got a new SSD for my laptop but i'm unsure of a couple of things:after installing windows (8) is it ok to turn on security check?what RAID configuration is better seeing as i got the SSD and the 750 HDD?is the recovery partition that ...

AlexK661 by Level 7
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Blu-Ray Player Woes (Need help with Cineplayer perhaps)

I bought my G75 about a month ago still with Windows 7, and it came pre-installed with a copy of Roxio Cineplayer BD (which to my knowledge doesn't actually exist anymore as far as Roxio is concerned). I was actually really happy with Cineplayer a fe...

dark494 by Level 7
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should I sell G75VW for current Generation Laptop?(4th gen)

Recently, Asus has released new 4th generation laptop with 770m line up ( I don't see below spec like 765m)As you know that gtx670m has fermi.... which is overclocking spec of 570m....and after 6month , gtx670mx has released... and it is 20% over pow...

ForCeV by Level 10
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G75VX and Crysis 3

I just bought Crysis 3. I haven't started playing yet but i will be later today to try it out.Is there any tweaks to my latop that i am going to need to be able to run this on full very high graphics? Right now the game based the graphic settings b...

3DMark 11+CineBench

This is the maximum I've managed to tweak the system, with the below scores. I think the scores are pretty decent. I also managed to undervolt the CPU by -80 mV while keeping it at max x36 multiplier. The max temps now are around 86 degrees while ren...

23262 23263
roryh86 by Level 7
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Question: G750JX-DB71 Hard Drive Upgrade

Hello, this is my first post in the ROG forums. I have a question about upgrading the 5400RPM 1TB hard drive in the G750JX-DB71. I know a bit about computers, but I haven't ever messed around with changing parts out of laptops. I'm certainly no exper...

Glencoe by Level 7
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Need Advice For Upgrading G75VW's RAM From 16GB To 32GB

I recently found a topic here about this ( I understand that 32 GB wont help me with gaming performance, but I would still like to use it for running mult...

Enigma by Level 9
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ASUS ROG G750 Notebook Preview and SoundTest

Here's a preview of this laptop but it's in low quality. By the way as for the screen issues, i've yet to get my unit, but i've tested the demo sets around my area and all had no issues with the screen while playing some trailers with dark scenes. Un...

Snapped piece off of bottom cover, now it's floating around...

As I took the bottom cover off to throw in a new HyperX 3k SSD into my G75, I noticed one of the small little hook-like pieces that you pop into the back snapped off. It is by my back left fan, and I am SUPER worried that it's gonna get caught up bac...

JDS by Level 7
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