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warranty support for a g75vw

so my left clicker actually had the white plastic pieces break inside it . nice quality parts (not) so can i replace just teh left clicker or are they going to have to replace the whole palmrest?it was a best buy model so the 1yr shaft warranty has e...

TSC-Ops by Level 7
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From your experiences, should I buy a G750JW?

Hey guys, should I buy it? it is, and I can get 200 dollars off with gift cards.Thanks for any advice and opini...

Increased Fan noise

I've had the computer since 7/21 and it was completely silent even when running WoW on high for multiple hours. and now I am noticing the fan being noticeably louder. I have no idea if this is just like the fan is collecting dust or something else.It...

Win8 downgrade to Win7

So i am through having issues with Win8, i didnt even want it in the first place so i am going to look into downgrading to Win7 within the next week...any pointers, best routes available?


Hello Asus forums,Recently I received my G750JW from GenetechPC ( I added a Blu ray writer and 32GB of RAM ) while on my vacation to New York. At first when I used it, nothing was wrong. I let Windows update everything and that's when it started to r...

Keeley by Level 7
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Windows HAL event 12: platform firmware memory corruption

I get the following message sometimes when waking up the computer:"The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. Please check for updated firmware for your system."Any idea if Asus is aware of this and if th...

MikeV by Level 7
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I returned my Asus G750JW

I went with a 780M laptop for under 2k and a quarter.I did this because the Asus factor of going custom instead of standard.They don't have upgrade packages as the competition offers.You would end up spending more money going 780M conversion than jus...

AntDX316 by Level 7
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bios image needed for asus g53sw.

Hi all i have a asus g53sw with a corrupt bios chip.The internal lan card does not work and the keyboard back light has failed.I need the gbe module from inside the bios chip.does anybody have the full 4mb rip of the bios.Thanks.Martin.

Crazy CPU Temperatures (~100C) on g750JW

Hello ASUS and ASUS community,I played some video games on my new g750JW and was generally enjoying the experience but then decided I should run a 3dmark13 benchmark. I was astounded at the temperatures my CPU was reaching.Idle: 49cDuring Fire Strike...

PPanda by Level 8
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G46 Multi-touch problem

Hello, I just bought a G46VW last month, and the touch pad worked well. But I accidentally deleted the driver of touch pad (ELAN), and then I downloaded the driver from ASUS support website, after re-installed the driver, the problem appears, when I'...