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Asus G74 Performance

Can someone take a look at this 3D Mark Vantage score ( and tell if this is normal for my laptop. I have a XT1 model. I was looking at the processor clock and it says that it was 898 MHz, this seems lower than it sh...

Asus G75VX-BHI7N11for 900?

Would this Asus model be worth it for 900(after tax)? Would it last a long time or is the deal not that good? Or how about a dell inspiron with 8gb ram 1tb space i7-3630qm and nvidia gt650 at 17.3 inches for $450Here are the specs. http://www.bestb...

Current USB Drivers Posted for Win7 are BAD

Hi,Just want everyone to be warned that the current Win7 USB3.0 drivers on Asus's support site (at least for the G75VW) do NOT work. I did a clean install of Windows 7 where everything else went smoothly. After that none of the USB ports worked. I...

ASUS G75VW-AS71 ODD (optical disk drive) CD/DVD not working

My CD/DVD drive quit working on my G75VW a long time ago. By not working, I mean when I insert a disc, Windows 7 can't read it. It doesn't matter if it's a CD or DVD. And yes - I know the discs are good because my other drives read them with no probl...

blixel by Level 7
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g75vx rendered completely useless. please help !!!!!!!

so I had a post earlier about my g75vx. windows making it crash. I found out it wasn't windows. its the computer itself. I got rid of win8 and got ubuntu on it after a while of working its back to not even going into the bios. its officially a hardwa...

Asus G75V 1 day of life, soft noise from fans

So dear sirs we have this problem. The Fan of the Asus G75 is turned on non stop. Even if it is spinning at low rpms, it is noticeable when I am in quiet rooms. Don't take me bad, the noise is soft , but there still exist, it's an humming noise, low ...

Retired by Not applicable
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Both G750JX - Problems, question and thouths

Yesterday i both G7500JX and move all my disks (3) from N76VZ (Best Ever notebook i have owned!!!, but GT650 is definitely not enough;)), installed new drivers and everything went well. Notebook is very fast especially graphics, boot is blazing with ...

G75VW wont display anything on screen, fans start on max.

Every time I start up my computer the fans start on 100% and I can't see anything. The computer itself works fine, I can log in on Windows but the screen is just black. Sometimes it works after 100 reboots, since I know the computer is still broken w...

NInami by Level 7
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warranty support for a g75vw

so my left clicker actually had the white plastic pieces break inside it . nice quality parts (not) so can i replace just teh left clicker or are they going to have to replace the whole palmrest?it was a best buy model so the 1yr shaft warranty has e...

TSC-Ops by Level 7
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From your experiences, should I buy a G750JW?

Hey guys, should I buy it? it is, and I can get 200 dollars off with gift cards.Thanks for any advice and opini...