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Rog g752vs factory heatsink defect please read

Factory heatsink thermal solution does not make proper contact with GPU VRM, possible burnout over time. please use more thermal material on the VRM side!I am referring to the black sq...

G752VS PCIe slots lanes

Do both slots have the same amount of lanes..?I have two NVMe SSDs in their slots, and apparently one's reading at 17x, and the other is reading at 40x..The 17x one being the C Drive.. what's up wit...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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ASUS ROG G752VM Screen replacement problems

So my girlfriend got really intoxicated one night,went to go to the bed,and ended up laying on my system instead,screen busted and was no longer usable.I replaced the original screen in this system with one from another website but it fails to suppor...

ASUS G750JS Fan Replacement

Hi guysRecently my GPU fan just stopped. I've purchased a pair of fans from AliExpress (AB7205HX-GC1, both for CPU and GPU cuz the price was really good) and its identical to mine. The title of the announcement say it's compatible with my model (G750...

74820 74821
Neovox by Level 7
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asus rog g750jz bricked bios .

Hello comunity /i ved changed an option in bios like uefi dvd and at the next reboot ,the coller working ,keybkoard lights on but i cannot enter enymore in bios (black screen ).my laptop model is g750jz i did copy and put on a usb 4 gb fat the latest...