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Very low performance on G750JW

Hi all, i got my new laptop g750jw, but while i'm playing some games on very high details like league of legends and modern warfare 2 the fps is about 15, even i test it on 3dmark test i got very low points, for example in 3dmark06 i only reached 390...

G750JX Custom Built-to-Order Website

Hello,I`m looking for a website which has an international shipping. that is offering the option to customize the JX to my needs. I`m from Bulgaria and here we only have the JX-T4073 model, which I hate, because it comes with the 1TB 5400 rpm HDD and...

c0rp1bg by Level 7
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any 220W psu available for g75vx?

I have seen people talking about bigger psu's for their g75vx, i have no idea how to do this as i can not find a bigger compatible psu out thereIs there something I dont know as the noobmaster that I am.Thanks in advance

Event 41 Kernel-Power at BOOT UP only.

I am using ASUS G750JXDo note the technician installed a 480gb crucial SSD for me and I am using it as my Windows 8 OS and another 750gb HDD as my secondary drive. The technical guy also installed additional 8 ram for me so I have 16gb ram in total.O...

g75vw CPU/GPU Thermal Issues?

Hey guys,For as long as I've had my laptop (g75vw-ds72) its always seemed to run a higher temps than what people frequently post here.I use HWinfo sensors to monitor cpu and gpu temps. CPU idle is about 50C and GPU near 60. This means that with full ...

Tsuki by Level 7
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G55VW Keyboard problem

Hi Guys. As the title states i have a problem with the keyboard on my G55, when i play FPS sometimes i cant strafe (a or d keys) while walking forward og backwards (w or s keys), i have to let go of the strafe button an press again and it works. Ther...

g46vw's hdd partitioned into 3 separate parts?

Why is the g46vw's hdd partitioned into 3 separate parts? There's 1 partition for recovery so that's ok. And then another 2 partitions. One of them is my C drive which is 240gb. The other partition is just 300 or so gbs of empty space that I can acce...

Retired by Not applicable
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Lo-Jack or Virus on RMA replaced Mobo g750jw?

So I just received back my g750jw after over a month of repeated RMA orders. They replaced the motherboard and as of now it is able to turn on and runs ok. Screen flickering and fan noise aside.Before sending it for RMA i took out my HyperX SSD which...

PPanda by Level 8
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Inaccessable Boot Device - Yikes big problem - SOLVED

I've solved the problem listed below.Thanks to the folks who responded and had suggestions.I was able to finally get to a Windows refresh and I got the G75 back working.Had to install a bunch of apps. The refresh didn't offer to save my programs, to...

bikenut by Level 7
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GTX 670M Overclock Questions

Hey Guys/GirlsI have a few questions about overclocking:1: Does it damage overclocking? i have overclocked my GPU from :Core Clock Mhz: 620---->740Memory clock MHz:1500-->1690Temp: around 69 Degrees.If i put more MHZ i get strange flickering's2.I can...

TokoDude by Level 10
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