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G751JY Disassembly Pics

Update:Video teardown guide (all rights to the video creator): post:Had my G751 serviced under warranty due to a rattling sound. Ended up being the double sided tape that holds the CMOS battery came ...

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Repaste G751 - thermal throttling

Hi all, so I was suspicious my G751 JY (which I've owned 3.5 years) was thermal throttling during gaming, given CPU temp were right up there at 95C. I downloaded Aida64 free trial (I'd discovered that's what youtuber Linus uses on Linus Tech Tips) a...


ASUS G752VS with 2.5 " SSD only @SATA II

Hello everyone,I have a problem and wasn´t able to fix it. Maybe you folks have an idea:I´m using a samsung 960 EVO 2.5 " drive. It´s only running @SATA II that means @ 3Gbit/s. I have windows 10.The strange thing is, when I reboot my Laptop, Samsung...

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Hahjo by Level 7
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G752VS Replace Blue ray drive with HDD failure

I tried swapping my Blue Ray for a HDD ATA casse that I still have laying around, so I put the HDD inand then the Laptop will not turn on at all.So I replaced it with the drive again, and it powers on again.The HDD works fine, so is there somethin...

pka4916 by Level 7
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