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2nd HDD Caddy for G55 Laptop

Hello all,I have done a lot of searching around trying to find a 2nd HDD caddy for my Asus G55 after swapping out the main HDD with an SSD. I ended up buying and it ...

cikez by Level 7
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3D Display vs Nvidia 3D Compatible Display?

So my understanding is that you need a 3D display to play games in 3D (along with the glasses of course). But it seems like Asus' product specs for the G750JH state the matte display is Nvidia 3D compatible. What does this even mean? Can you still...

G75VX screens help

Hey guys, I recently purchased a G75VX from bestbuy, I returned it then bought another one and this one has a different screen! It have all the weird specks that was on the other one (and the display model of the G750JW). So why is this? I do like th...

Battery question

Hello guys, just wanted to ask you about the care of the G750 battery.So currently i dont need to use the battery as I use it at home, what is the best way to keep my battery life? right now the battery was like 40% last time I checked. can I just ke...

Nvidia Beta Drivers.

I understand that Nvidia Beta drivers can be installed without having to alter the INF files, though I'd like to ask those who have done so, whether or not you have any issues, specifically with screen brightness. I have read instances in the past wh...

abeepak1 by Level 7
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Games don't minimize....

While playing a game it dose not minimize when i alt+tab it just stays in the background so i cant access my desktop. Also in some games when I try to alt/tab out it freezes my computer where i can see my mouse cursor but i cant click back into the g...

bought g750 from bestbuy? memory questions

Hi everybody, i bought a g750 from bestbuy and become a huge fan of rog. nice to meet you guys. i have a question on my mind if my laptop is refurbished or not, because in some forums people are talking about the `N` at the end of serial number of th...

Mkadi by Level 7
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[G75VW] Internal keyboard issiue.

Hello, I got some issiues with my laptops keyboard, hoping i can get some help over here been looking trough the webs and etc for a couple of months now. So i bought this amazing laptop from a friend like 7 months ago. And i've been cleaning it like ...