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windows 7 activation after replacing a new hdd

hi, just want to know if i replace my g55 hdd with a new one, can i still activate my windows 7 home premium that is installed on the new hdd with the key that came with the laptop that i have purchased? or do i need to call microsoft in order to act...

Niang by Level 7
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New G75VX is slow...

Hey guys, it's just about 5 days old and it's slow out of the box. Freezes sometimes, programs respond slow. what can I do to speed it up? thank you.Also, I opened up th eback, and there should be two slots for the hard drives right, with one already...

Put in my order for the G750JH

Finally ordered this version of the G750JH:'m working in a pretty remote area of Canada this year, so it might take a bit to ship. What sorts of benchmarks and o...

ASUS G75 sleep problem

Hey all,I have an Asus g75 from best buy that I just recently upgraded with some more memory. It was running perfectly until I left it in sleep mode for more than 2-3 hours. It just won't turn back on and none of the buttons or the mouse will work. I...

Help locating the monitor plug in point

So my asus laptop was standing up against the wall on a carpeted floor, and fell down to the flat position... ever since my screen from time to time will change to crazy colors and be distorted. If i put a little pressure or hit it lightly near the m...

Verown by Level 7
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purchasing g750- which option would you go with

Looking to pick up a g750, after some research these are the ones i am leaning towards:1) G750JW-DB71 can get this one price matched with one from xoticpc for $1357 (not including tax)2) G750JX-QS71http:/...

nagooro by Level 7
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New G75VW owner - Want to use existing HDD with Win 7

Hey all,I just bought an ASUS G75VW-AH71 for a great deal yesterday and am really excited to join this awesome community :cool:.I am still waiting to receive my machine probably next week but am really looking forward to getting my hands around moddi...

zapwall by Level 7
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return jx and wait for jh?

just in a dilemma. my last day to return the jx. its been great but i have a feeling i will wish i had the 780m in the future

jsarver by Level 11
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