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G75vx Recovery Media -

Why are there NO definitive answers to how to get or create recovery media for upgrading to a new ssd hdd? WTF the Asus back tracker wants a fricken USB device to back up a recovery image to? I just bought a fricken stack of DVD's I don't have USB...

Keyboard back light HELP!

OK (I did search but could find no answer to this). My Keyboard Backlight does not come on, every other fn + f(#key) works but f3 and f4 no light flicker at boot no back light period. I reinstalled ATKACPI ver 23 (latest) but no luck. This is a bra...

Looking for Asus G750JX in Dubai.

Hey! This is my first time posting on these forums, although I have been reading them for quiet some time. I wanted to ask if anyone here knows where I could find a G750JX - T4128HD here in the UAE. I have looked in Virgin, Computer Care, and E-City ...

Zirnira by Level 7
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STRANGE Touchpad problem with Asus G75VX

Hello!I have very strange problem with the touchpad on my new Asus G75VX.When I enable Two fingers scroll I cannot move the cursor and can only use the touchpad like a scroll (with one finger).I reinstalled Synaptics Pointing Device driver but the pr...

windows 7 activation after replacing a new hdd

hi, just want to know if i replace my g55 hdd with a new one, can i still activate my windows 7 home premium that is installed on the new hdd with the key that came with the laptop that i have purchased? or do i need to call microsoft in order to act...

Niang by Level 7
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New G75VX is slow...

Hey guys, it's just about 5 days old and it's slow out of the box. Freezes sometimes, programs respond slow. what can I do to speed it up? thank you.Also, I opened up th eback, and there should be two slots for the hard drives right, with one already...