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G74SX Function (Fn) key driver

Hi,I tried to remove a lot of the default software that comes with my G74SX, but I guess I somehow removed the driver that enables the Fn key.Right now I cannot use any of the special functions like turn volume up/down/off etcCan someone tell me whic...

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g46vw win 7 wi fi problem

HiI just bought a g46vw without an os installed. Since I only have win 7 I installed that and I installed drivers from asus site. Everything seems to have worked with the exception of wireless internet. I looked in some other threads here with simila...

slayzer by Level 7
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ASUS Backtracker Issue

Trying to backup factory image.Says, "Creating Boot Sector." Then I get a message that says, "Creating image errorInterrupt when create image: exception when access USB device.1. Please make sure that USB device and laptop are connected when create ...

SHADO by Level 9
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ASUS G55VW USB 3.0 issues

I just bought a G55VW and the first thing I did was uninstall Windows 8 and put Windows 7 on it. I installed all the drivers needed, but the USB 3.0 ports were having problems saying "This device can perform faster". I tried uninstalling and resinsta...

niciuffo by Level 7
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BF4 g750

hello guys just i have a question my g750jw they gone run bf4? i watch a guy on youtube they use the same computer and play bf3 on ultra with out AA BUT mi question is mi lapi i capable to run bf4 i what resolution you think gtX765m.:p

fhurer by Level 7
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Windows 8

Hello guys, wanted to ask you about window 8 on the 750JHSo im looking through the boxes and I dont see any CD for windows 8, I want to change the stock SSD from the JH cause I have a better one. My question is: How do I install the windows 8 after I...

G74SX appears to have given up the ghost

My G74 SX won't turn on. It was working earlier today and just decided to stop working. As it stands right now, the device won't turn on and the only thing the computer does is when the AC adapter is plugged in, the battery charge light blinks extrem...

Partitioning G75Vw

Dears,I need to repartition my HDD, but before doing that I would like to ask you for some recomendations in order of backing up the Windows 8 pre-installed, and also the recovering partitions.How to do that? Is one operation or I need to do two sepa...

calibrate monitor?

I have a G75VX with the Chi Mei display and although it has the graininess associated with this display I am happy with it. It has a decent brightness with deep blacks and compared to my older laptops which looked washed out this is a huge upgrade. M...

willy by Level 7
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