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nVidia drivers failed

has anybody here encountered this problem, i reverted back to 314.22 driver i uninstalled the previous one which is 320.49 and when i rebooted i installed the 314 drivers and it fails. i mean the drivers were installed but the installation failed dur...

g46vw SATA is stuck on 1.5gb/s [SATA1 mode]

my msata is running on Sata 3 6.0gb/s and my secondary drive which is samsung 840 pro is stuck on SATA 1 which results in slow read and write. Anyone have any clue on whats causing this?

yulysia by Level 7
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Acer H5360 DLP and NVidia 3D at G75 - Problem?

Hello!I just buyed myself a Acer H5360 DLP beamer.My problem:if I want to use 3D, the shutterglas only works, if the monitor of my G75 is also visible, alongside the beamer screen.Ok, its possible o switch off the Laptop screen (dark) but its still r...

Opened back panel of g750jx please help.

So this is the day that i finaly opened my asus g750jx and i took pictures of a little problem but i will post that in my other post.i just opened the back cover with a little trouble the first time lol.. anyway i wanted to check how it looks inside...

Chris_Y by Level 7
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USB Ports Not Working

Hi guys, new to the forum and Asus. Replaced my old Acer 8935G with the G750JW. Impressed so far apart from Windows 8 which I've decided to ditch for Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit..... that's where the problems begin. I've found a forum across at ********...

Liger by Level 7
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G75VX GTX670MX Slowly Getting Hotter

I've been keeping track of my video card temperatures off and on since I got my g75vx. One thing that I've been noticing is that when it was new, the 670mx was peaking at 76 Celcius. Now it is peaking at 80 Celcius. I've been playing the same games o...

G75VX touchpad issue

I got my G75 laptop about 3 months ago now, and it worked great up until a month ago. The touchpad would randomly stop responding and then work again. It kept getting worse over the next week until it stopped responding all together. At this point I ...

G750jx-TB71; 120hz?

Just wondering if this has a 120hz screen. Can't seem to get answers anywhere, so I'm looking for someone who has one who could tell me if it does or doesn't.Basically, I'd be fine with a 750jx instead of a jh but its gotta be 3d ready for me to put ...

_trs_ by Level 7
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