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Deciding on laptop! G750JW vs G75VX - need help

Hi there, I am looking for any advice on this matter! I am unsure of which laptop I should get.G750JW vs G75VX From my local store, the G75VX would be at least $250 more. Would that be worth it? Does the G750JW have better performance? At the moment,...

Question newly bought asus rog

So i bought my first gaming laptop a week ago and its g750jx and i want to know if the image is a dead pixel cause its been a week ive been trying to get rid of it using sofware like udpixel and others like rubbing, tapping, been on google and youtub...

G73SW screen with cyan/blue lines

I have a G73SW whose screen is showing cyan vertical bars anywhere there is white on the screen like in the picture below. It does not do this when it is connected to an external LCD monitor via the VGA port or to my TV when connected via HDMI.I have...

Pulling out my hair!!!

I am a hard core tech guy.. I avoid laptops for these headaches.. So.. I have a G750JW (you guys bought up the others... gggrrrr). I am fighting my way into win 8 for the first time (damn! it's invasive). Now, on a reboot, I get a BCD error and it ...

G750JX-CV038H and SAMSUNG SSD compatibility question

Hi everyone,I just bought my G750JX-CV038H with 750GB HDD 7200 rpm.Now I would replace the internal drive (WD7500BPKT) with SAMSUNG SSD internal 840 Pro Series Basic 2.5 - 512 GB (MZ-7PD512BW) as primary drive for OS and moving HDD to the other bay a...

Xjanksej by Level 7
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G750JW Lag spikes in BF3

HeySo I just bought this G750JWand I am having extreme lag spikes with BF3 only in multiplayer.I log into my other laptop and it runs fine, so I know its this device.I have tried the pre rendered frame fixand unparking of cores.My connection is good ...

G75VX Windows 8 Pro install asking for drivers

Today I got a G75VX and I wanted to do a fresh clean install of Windows 8 Pro (It came with Windows 8 Standard) on 2 drives set in RAID 0, I booted the laptop in to Windows 8 Setup and it came up and asked me for drivers for a media device (I'm assum...

ikithme by Level 7
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