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G73Jh Display Errors (Flicking white/powering down)

I have a G73Jh with display issues. The laptop's monitor will flicker white and flicker off if I load any graphic game--whether it's fullscreen, windowed, or whatever.It's recently gotten to the point where instead of this lasting for a few seconds...

G75VW 3/4 monitors?

Is there any way to enable the use of more than two monitors on my G75 (t1031v)? I know I could use a usb graohics card, but I would prefer to not do that.The best way I can see is that it has an integrated Intel HD 4000 gpu in the cpu, and if I coul...

Beedle by Level 7
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Asus G55vx blank screen on load fix

Hi guys,Just got my g55vx last week, after updating all my drivers I ended up booting into a blank screen after the rog logo.I was pretty upset and searched online for a solution as I didn't wanna send it back to asus and have my laptop gone for 2 mo...

Vinhb by Level 7
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S.O.S HELP Accident with screen display

On my asus G750JW-BBI7N05 I was trying to see how to change inputs when I had the extremely stupid idea of thinking that the input would be a second display so I set it to Show Second Display only when I didn't have one so my screen went black I wait...

Upgrading to New processor and SSD/ G74SX

Last year i decided to upgrade my g74sx and i had a recommendation about this Intel® Core™ i7-2860QM, i was wondering if there is any good processor other than that and a good SSD for the second slot 250 gb or more will do, i have a good budget so an...

Hameli by Level 7
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Intel 530 series SSD, Anyone try ??

This is the newest series of SSD from Intel. I installed a 180 GB one as my 2nd drive in my G73jh. But it has a problem. The SSD is not found in the notebook's BIOS on a warm restart. However on a complete shutdown and power up, the SSD is found ...

Observations on screen issues

I've been doing some digging on the screen issues and I think I know what is causing the issue. Unfortunately, it is not something that is readily fixable.An LCD is made up of fixed grids of pixels. Each pixel on a color LCD has three subpixels, on...

c3141rog by Level 7
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new ssd choice?

hi all i got a question about my g750jw i bought last week from best buy. The model i got from them came with a 1 tb 5200 rpm hard drive and i knew when i got it i would be getting an ssd to give it a little kick, i bought 2 extra 8 gig ram chips to ...