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How I got rid of the lags (G750JX)

Hello.Few days ago i posted here because i have freezes and lags on my computer.Even if I did a full restore I had those problems again. EDIT : As soon as I made the windows 8 updates, my games randomly froze.Here is the way I fixed it.Follow this gu...

y0da67 by Level 7
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g750jx Default Service Settings

Smile g750jx Default Service SettingsYesterday I mistakenly disabled almost all of my services. Can someone who has a g750jx notebook send me a screenshot or copy and paste a list of theirsettings? you can access them through "run" - then type "servi...

Questions about my new G750JW

Alright so last Saturday I bought this laptop from Best Buy! It is the G750JW-BBI... I forgot, but you get the point. The one and pretty much only bugger about this is the 5400rpm drive, which is easily fixable. What I have is a few questions.1) - Do...

Windows 8 OEM upgrade to Windows 8.1 Questions

Personally I really liked Windows 8 nice upgrade (for me) from vista. Recently I've heard that Windows 8.1 will be released (For Free to Existing Win 8 users) on October 17th. I was just curious as to how will the upgrade go. A bit of google-ing tol...

nico247 by Level 7
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G74S - Squeaky space bar xD

Every other day I seem to run into a new issue with this laptop, now its the spacebar that is loudly chirping away nearly everytime I use it... can't stand it. Along with the top row of keys being extremely touchy feely and the touchpad breaking onc...