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g74sx recovery disk questions

Hello,A couple days ago I had a problem logging into windows 8, something about the user account services could not sign in. Unfortunately I only had one account on this computer so the instructions that I found that were supposed to fix it could not...

ASUS G75VW-NH71 won't recognize my SSD

i got my ASUS G75VW-NH71 ssd install and it came with Win8, i added Kingstone Hyperx 120GB SSD, the device manage can recognize it also the bios when i set the ACHI, raid and IDE yet i can't use the SSD as a booting option, it is not select able.... ...

Shini44 by Level 7
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Back-Light on my 2 1/2 y/o G73JW-A1 stopped working...

The back lights worked perfect for 2 1/2 years and just stopped working. Assuming it just broke but I guess it could be the "back-light cable" ? I doubt it though since my laptop never gets jarred or banged around. How does one check this cable? I...

G750JX: DB-71 vs TB-71? Differences?

iammax by Level 7
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g750jx Default Service Settings

Yesterday I mistakenly disabled almost all of my services. Can someone who has a g750jx notebook send me a screenshot or copy and paste a list of theirsettings? you can access them through "run" - then type "services.msc" I'm running windows 8. than...

G750JW-RB71 wireless issues on windows 7

It's really frustrating guys (first of all, hi to everyone)...I read every single post in every single thread that I found on the web, about this problem...and followed all the instructions trying all the workarounds available...nothing...nothing...I...