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G750 Wifi Problem

Sometimes when i power on my G750 it wont find any wifi. Though i know there is alot of them around. i need to restart it several tmes and then suddanly it works again. annybody knows what can be causing this?

Str4te by Level 7
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G750JX - Battery vs Power Supply and GHZ

Hi all!Just something I find a bit werid...and it's when I use this computer on battery VS Power Supply.With Power Supply: 3GHZOn Battery: wa...

Jeracan by Level 7
  • 4 replies
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G750JX 770M Nvidia Drivers

Is it recommended to install video drivers directly from nvidia driver site or should we stick to the ones from asus?nvidia site : v320.49 (release 1st July 2013)asus driver site : v311.83 (release 18th July 2013)Is the ASUS version tweaked or modifi...

Asus not delivering the g750jx

Hello,I am quite piss off about the actual situation. I pre-ordered the asus g750jx in a polish shop ( actually i am working in this country). The issue is that delivery date was expected in 20 / August but every 2 weeks, the shop is telling me that ...

Fresh Install of Win8 Pro Over Win8 On G55

I couldn't find any threads for moving from regular Win8 to Win8 Pro on the same hard drive so I wanted to save someone else four+ hours. I'm used to wanting to pull my hair out when it's time to install drivers, not getting the OS on the system. Str...

G750jx Windows 8 Clean install

Hey can somebody help me how i can re install windows 8 step by step ? I want again to be legit from the BIOS key ? I know that i will need windows 8 single language but in the torrents i can find just windows 8.1 single language is it gonna work ?Is...

Kalata by Level 7
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Asus G53SW fan stop working

HI,My Asus G53SW fan stop working causing my laptop temperature to rise up to 100 °C even in idle state or whenever i watch youtube in HD.I cant hear anything from the fan and im assuming the fan died since it's already been two years.My warranty alr...

G75VX Kensington lock won't fit

I just got a Kensington lock for this laptop but when the nub is screwed in all the way, the lock will no fully click on to the nub. I have to loosen the nub quite a bit for the lock to fit. Anyone know how to solve this?