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Dvd drive please help!

I am running windows 8.1 preview on my G55. My dvd drive wont READ ANYTHING. it has been working fine on 8.1 for a month now and suddenly it has stopped seeing and reading every disk I feed it. Movie dvds, music cds.. it doesnt matter. I ran windows...

GarretG by Level 7
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Cannot get touchpad to disable when wireless mouse connected

I cannot get the touchpad to disable when I have my wireless mouse connected. It used to work just fine and now it will not turn off. I have checked the "Disable when external USB mouse plug in" box under mouse Properties but it doesn't affect it. ...

TinaMW by Level 7
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Random freezes after install SSD. g750jx

Hey guys, I just installed windows 8.1 in a new Kingston hyperX 3k, and it randomly freezes doing simple things as opening settings, apps, etc. I just got the laptop two days ago so I'm not sure if this issue was happening before I installed the ssd....

Drask by Level 7
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G750JX problem finding second hdd.

I got the samsung pro 256gb in slot 1 and put the old drive in slot 2 after i installed windows7.The drive don't spin up in slot 2 so can't find it in is it software related might the second slot be broken in my computer?

Help with wireless AC connection

I am running an ASUS RT-AC66R router with my G750JW. When my wireless first connects my wifi status shows 866.5Mbps connection but within 20 seconds the speed drops to 585 and stays there. I had a G75VX that would do the same thing...Best Buy repla...

G74Sx microphone/headphone jack problem...

Hey everyone, I have owned my G74SX for 2 years now (to the day), and I have been experiencing some problems (mostly hardware)I've been looking through the threads and haven't found anything yet but I am having a problem with my headphone/microphone ...

Upgrading G46VW CPU

Hi guys,I'm new to forum but I've been lurking around for a while for general advice and guides. I recently bought a G46 and it's an amazing laptop except for the CPU. I'm just not getting the performance that I want while gaming and I am looking at ...

BIOS 208 is amazing!!!

Do not be scared because of the post hmscott has made here, it is only his experience on his system. He made a general post saying that BIOS 208 causes the mouse to become jerky which is so NOT TRUEhmscott is the only person facing this mouse jerkine...

Pitcher by Level 7
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