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Nvidia 770m 327.23 Driver - install?

327.23 released today. Has anyone updated from 320.49 yet?Note : none of these direct Nvidia drivers are supported by ASUS. Even so, I've been running 320.49 for a while now with no problems.

Dream by Level 7
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Request 770m 780m Vbios

Hello. Can you proud owners of G750 laptops extract vbios form your machines. I need mainly vbios from 770m and 780m. I think easyest way is to use GPU-Z program and extract vbios by clicking small chip image right to the BIOS version string field.Th...

jmhdj by Level 10
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Fix Nvidia driver update

I just tried to download the newest Nividia driver version supported by Asus (V9.18.13.1188 ) from direct link:

26596 26593

Cooling question

Just wondering if the cooling fans pull air through the bottom or through the keyboard. Haven't been able to find anything searching. Also, is there any way to manually adjust fan speed?

New G750JX; how to change touchpad behavior?

This "smart gestures" thing doesn't seem to allow me to change the behavior. What I want to do is assign a small area of the touch pad to register as Mouse3 (clicking in mouse wheel), and I also want to assign the far right side of the touch pad to b...

iammax by Level 7
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Sudden Frame Losses On G46VW

I purchased the G46VW notebook recently, and for a few days, could run The Witcher 2 and Planetside 2 on high or ultra settings. Now, the laptop can barely run any game without playing at 9 fps, and yes, i play with the charger plugged in. Also, i ha...

Help with Display driver

Hey,I have had the G53S laptop for a few years now, and have recently updated to the latest GeForce 320.49 driver, and it ran smoothly for a few days, however recently I've been getting pink lines across my screen, regardless of what program I am run...

G75-VX Nvidia Update

When i got home tonight i got a balloon Message on my Task bar that there is a Nvida update. Im running 326.41 the update is for ver 327.23. Is there any known issues with this update since i know these things are picky with there drivers

Lorx7 by Level 7
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