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G750jx tweaking

Hello my fellow ROG gamers! I was just doing some tweaking on my G750jx laptop, and now my result on benchmark is: do you think about it? Is it a good score, or can i tweak it more so the score will be higher?Tha...

[jw] SSD cache with intel RST.

Hello every body,I have intalled an 50go SSD in my jw. But i can accelerat my hdd with irst because the accelerate button is not show in tools.I put the bios sata mode in Raid.I reinstalle w8 OEM with irst driver.Some body try it ?Thank's.

valckar by Level 7
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Case for G50JW?

Hey everyone,Just wondering if anyone has a sleeve or case for their G750JW that fits nice, as well as providing the much-needed protection?I'm looking online, but really don't think with how large the rear of the laptop is w/fans it will fit in a st...

G75 VW Startup problems

Hi guys, first of all, I already appreciate the time you spend reading this post. Just bought this new G75VW, win8, 12GB, i7 3630QM, 2.4Ghz, 750Gb+750GB, the only time it has startedup properly was after the unboxing, after that, it takes me like 2 o...

JLAG82 by Level 7
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Please help me with screenshot color issue [solved]

Okay so whenever I use prnt screen or snipping tool or ANY thing that gets a snapshot of my screen it saves darker than the actual image.When I take the snapshot and look at it it is perfect, but then after i save it as anything (png jpeg you name it...

G55V disabling bios password

Hello first time posting here Well i made a huge mistake today by putting a password in the BIOS so every time i start up my laptop it keeps asking to enter it Tried too look it up couldnt find anything hope you guys would help me this please.Thanks...

Battery replacement for g53sw

Hey guys, being a long time since I connected here. Well after quite some use, and 2 power jack replacements, my battery is dying. Now I'm about to replace it. But I'm not sure how much should I spend on it.I've seend chinese batteries for 45. I've s...

brecker by Level 7
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