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G750J SSD Issues [solved]

Hi all,Just received my new G750J today and already having issues...The C: partition on my SSD is almost full. It was sitting on 32gig, next time I checked it is sitting at 90gig.Interesting thing is that I can't find the files and yes I have shown t...

G75VW Critical Error Kernel Power ID 41

Hi, at the beginning, sorry for my english xDSince January I have big problems with my notebook. He turns irregular off and gives me the event log ID 41. Im using Windows 7 Home Premium x64, have all newest drivers and a RAM Upgrade with Kingston kvr...

Cirez by Level 7
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G75VW randomly shuts down (and then reloads)

Hi everyone. I looked through threads in this topic, but didn't find anything similar. Sorry if I missed something.I purchased my G75VW-AS71 from 3 months ago. It has been working quite stable ever since (although I had random latency spik...

Liartar by Level 7
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Genius Gila Gaming Mouse and G750

I just got the Genius Gila Gaming Mouse from my best friend as a Bday gift. I wanted to let you know that it i a bad arse looking mouse. It performs as well as medium/high end gaming mice such as the 500-700 series from logitech. The coolest thing is...

Maxter by Level 9
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Call of Duty: UO Freezes when I get shot for 2-3 seconds?

I've been suffering with this problem for about 6-8 months now. It seems that most of the time when I play CoD United Offensive the game freezes for 2-3 seconds when I get shot or killed, sometimes when I shoot or kill another gamer. Not a big deal ...

g75vw-bbk usb 3.0 speeds

Hey there guys, I just bought a g75vw-bbk and wiped the hard drive and installed a clean copy of win 7 ultimate 64-bit..... Now I also got a ocz vertex 4 256 GB ssd drive, a seagate 7200 1TB hard drive to replace the 5400 one and added 8 more gigs o...

Ibbanez by Level 7
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Windows 8.1 Upgrade Warning (Drive Passwords)

As an FYI, if you plan on upgrading to Windows 8.1, you must disable any passwords on your boot device that were set in the BIOS. There is a bug in the BIOS that does not send the unlock command to the boot drive when rebooting during a Windows 8.1 ...

G750JX win8 recovery

Is there any way to recover win8 on these computers if ur recovery partition doesent work for some reason?I havent changed partiotions at all, but still recovery utility says "cant find partition". If i check partitions with some other way (like eas...