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Asus g752vt

Not sure if this is allowed but I have up for sale my ASUS G752VT laptop. If you intrested here is a link to the ebay auction. If you need more pictures or questions answered please don't hesitate to ask.Originally $1,800 (IN LIKE NEW CONDITION, NE...

caughe by Level 7
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[G752VS] Turn On With KEYBOARD?

Hi everyone,I am a happy G752VS owner. I've hooked up my laptop with a monitor and keyboard. My question is;How can I turn on my laptop via the keyboard, so that I won't have to open the lid, turn it on with the button and close the lid again? I have...

G703GI E Support folder

Hi does anybody have the e support folder for a G703GI that they are willi g to share with me. As I have had to do a clean install and need the folder to restore my laptop.Any help will be appreciated

G703gi gaming center

Hi I have a G703GI laptop, it has a gtx1080 and I9 8950HK. I recently had to do a clean install Of windows ( NOT BY CHOICE) and lost all the preloaded asus software. I have downloaded everything from the website for my model, but now the ROG Gaming c...

Asus g75vx and Egpu v8 working ?

hello,i've saw on youtube alot ppl using this EGPU v8 kit as external gpu for improve the graphic performance of the laptop, well my question is, will it work in my asus g75vx if i put a 1050ti or maybe a 1060? i saw this video and everything seems s...

Volume resets by 54%?

So another weird issue..My volume keeps resetting down to a specific number, 54%.I can make it higher, or lower, but it just reverts back to 54.. Not updated anything..Anyone know how to fix? ';f

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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Resolved! G53JW - Disassembly nightmare to reach the fans!

Hi guys,I know G53 series are really old but after owning it for several years, i decided to dismantle the unit and clean Cpu/Gpu fans. But what is it! All the guidances on Youtube and on forums are telling us to tear down the whole pieces one by one...

Strix GL753VD - removing yellow screen tint?

From what I've seen, this is a pretty common issue across ASUS laptops, but I can't say I've found a working solution as of yet.After being discouraged from pursuing a Win7 option here, I've decided to move ahead with my Strix GL753VD laptop as is, W...


G701VIK BIOS versions?

Hi alltrying to figure out issues I'm having with my fans ramping up like mad in idle, even in BIOS... (, fans are showing 0 RPM at all times, even when they're defini...

JorisS by Level 7
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