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Radeon 5870 Underclock

Hello I have the Asus G73JH with Radeon 5870 What the min Clock without the speed I have losses in normal operation? So GPU clock and RAM clock. Meteorman

G750JW with Battlefield 4 GTX765M

I couldn't find anywhere that could tell me how Battlefield runs on the GTX765M so I thought this would be the best place to make a post about it,I'm running the very latest non beta drivers and I'v overclocked my GPU to 997 core / 6150 memory. I'm u...

Battery not charging (G53SW)

Hello,My battery on my G53SW no longer holds a charge. To operate it, it must be plugged in and if I accidentally unplug it, the laptop powers down immediately.I recently disassembled my G53SW to repaste my GPU. I'm thinking I forgot to plug back in ...

G750-jx-rb71 oc

OK. OK. I GET IT.There are already post out there that have instructions/answers to OC the recent new laptops.Even though I'm a tech guy and have a deep understanding to computers in general I still don't know what the heck to do.So the whole point o...

Crazy! VRM Temperature 1

What kind of VRM temperature do you guys get?I just got a whopping 95 Celsius! on the VRM 1 and it kept raising. while VRM temperature 2. was only 47 Celsius it normal that it reaches those sky high temperature after a 4 minute Furmark ...

Clean install Windows 8

Hi guys,Just needed some pointers, here's the story so far:I've been using my G75VW (which came installed with Windows 8 64-bit by default) for a while now with no issues, and just recently bought a SSD for it. Now, I want to do a clean install of Wi...

G55vw-RS71 RAM question

Hey all,I haven't split the case in this machine yet, but I have opened the back to see that I have immediate access to the two empty memory slots.At this point, I'm not willing to void the warranty to upgrade all of the RAM; but for the sake of cons...