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Crazy! VRM Temperature 1

What kind of VRM temperature do you guys get?I just got a whopping 95 Celsius! on the VRM 1 and it kept raising. while VRM temperature 2. was only 47 Celsius it normal that it reaches those sky high temperature after a 4 minute Furmark ...

Clean install Windows 8

Hi guys,Just needed some pointers, here's the story so far:I've been using my G75VW (which came installed with Windows 8 64-bit by default) for a while now with no issues, and just recently bought a SSD for it. Now, I want to do a clean install of Wi...

G55vw-RS71 RAM question

Hey all,I haven't split the case in this machine yet, but I have opened the back to see that I have immediate access to the two empty memory slots.At this point, I'm not willing to void the warranty to upgrade all of the RAM; but for the sake of cons...

G73JW lockup - possible BIOS issue

I've had my G73JW for about two years now, and had to send it in after the first six months to fix an issue with a broken key on the keyboard. Laptop came back and worked fine for a while, but now it is exhibiting a problem I've never had or observe...

g75vw keeps crashing :(

No matter what driver my g75vw keep crashing and I got the massage "nvidia kernel mode driver has stopped responding". THE ONLY driver that worked without problems was 311.00 from asus website, but I can't use it anymore because I updated to windows ...

r33fd by Level 7
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How to install SSD/Win 8.1?

so I just order a samsung EVO and I understand the basics of installing SSD's and windows. I built a dual Athlon MP rig when I was 14... but I wouldn't mind some guidance.So I'm going to pop the SSD in, I assume there is a cage for the 2nd hdd includ...

G750JX won't wake up after sleep

Hello,I am having an issue getting the computer awake after I close the lid and it goes to sleep. Whenever I open the lid, nothing happens. I try hitting every key, and the power button and the screen remains blank. The only way I have found to ge...

Csirus by Level 7
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Refresh rate

Hey guys,I recently got hold of a G75VX. Love it so far, aside from 2 things. 1 I've checked around and I know it can't be changed, which sucks (changing the ROG button to disable windows key instead of Splendid).The other issue I'm having is the gam...

Aramazd by Level 7
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