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My G750JH down after flash...

Hello,I did the flash using winflash and upgraded to 205 from 204 BIOS, then restarted and then the windows originally installed on hdd booted instead of the one installed by me on new ssd. So i restarted and tried to set in bios to boot from ssd. St...

Michae-l by Level 7
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G75VW Pre-Installed Burning Software

Hey everyone, I have a quick and probably kind of noobish question... I just recently did a clean install to Win7 Professional installing to a recently purchased SSD and everything is working wonderfully. The issue I'm having is that in doing that cl...

Is there a Diagnostics Utility for G75?

It would appear I have something failing in my G75VW notebook. I'm running Win 8 (by way of a VHD) and when I open Device Manager, it just keeps refreshing. Also, the unit is just sitting here idle and the hard drive light is churning (I've got an ...

Random Power off

This is my second G75VW. My first went in and out of the reseller over 3 months as they tried to repair it, finally gave up and gave me a new one. My new one was fine for about 2 months then started the same random power off's. I have tried the Hiber...

ceward by Level 7
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GTX 670mx underclocking??

got a asus g75vx a few months ago it was fine till a few weeks ago the gpu underclock its self to 324mhz randomly only way to fix it is by disabling then reenabling again do i have a bad gpu does anyone know this problem??

Video playback issues

When I play a video on youtube or any other site I have an issue with the video skipping during playback even when it is fully buffered. The video will have a momentary skip every 10 seconds or so. Also, when I plug in an additional monitor to the co...

Btrace by Level 7
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Asus G75VW Can't turn on the Keyboard's Backlight

Hey guys, so I've been having this problem as of recently where the Fn + F4 (to turn on the backlight) does absolutely nothing. To give a bit of background: I'm using Windows 8 64bit and I know the backlight still functions properly as when the lapto...

Radeon 5870 Underclock

Hello I have the Asus G73JH with Radeon 5870 What the min Clock without the speed I have losses in normal operation? So GPU clock and RAM clock. Meteorman