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G55VW-ES71 RAM questions

Hello All,I am loving my laptop but am wanting more out of it, it currently has 8GB of RAM with the 2 accessible slots both empty. I have read on the ASUS website that my platform is 4x slots, so im assuming that i have 2x4GB stock on the motherboard...

intel 4600 gpu... can activate or not

I hope I'm not repeating a post but I ran a search to no avail.Are the Intel integrated 4600 gpus that are/were? on the i7 4700hq cpus still there and if so are they activate able or are they just wasted dead weight? Asus g750jx-rb71....(build date-l...

Had my G750 3 days now. Did I waste my money?

I got a perfect laptop. No dead pixels, no screen lines, no problems of any kind. Both bays have SSD drives in them. One 512GB Crucial M4 and one 256GB Crucial M4. Just feel like I wasted my money. The laptop Itself it worth the $1748 i paid on Amazo...

Type of RAM does the ASUS G75 have.

Hello guys, I was wondering what type of RAM does the Asus g75 have. Thinking about upgrading from 8gb to 16gb.Would these work?

Daylife by Level 9
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G73JW + Intel Wifi 6300n not detected

Hi there,I recently went back to an old Win7 image I had on my laptop. The image assumed I had the old Athros wifi card in there. However now I have an Intel wifi card. I uninstalled the drivers for the Athros and installed the Intel drivers. But I s...

help with asus g60vx

Hello,I have a problem with my g60vx (gtx 260m and P7450), i'll try to explain the best I can my problem.first of all, the temperature are "good" for this model, i mean less than 90 for the GPU and less than 80 for the CPU (maybe a little high for th...

Ehyiah by Level 7
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[G750jw] Need help on replacing main hard drive

Hi all,Just got my G750 laptop. I previously had a G73S with 2 hard drives. Since I didn't want to use windows 8 so I figures I could just take out the hard drive and put my old ones in. As soon as I did that the laptop boots directly into the BIOS. ...

Some of the FN keys are not responding

I have an asus g75vw. I recently bought it and I am an amateur at these kinds of things.Ever since I have re installed windows 8 on this computer, the Fn+ F3, F4, F7, and the arrow keys have stopped working. I am SO confused about everything, and I r...

G46VW & Splinter Cell graphics crashing

Hi- I've been playing the new Splinter Cell successfully for a month, but in the last few days I am getting graphics crashing. Vectors start appearing everywhere and eventually after a minute or two it gets so bad that the game crashes. I am not awar...

mojoman by Level 7
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