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g75vw keeps crashing :(

No matter what driver my g75vw keep crashing and I got the massage "nvidia kernel mode driver has stopped responding". THE ONLY driver that worked without problems was 311.00 from asus website, but I can't use it anymore because I updated to windows ...

r33fd by Level 7
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How to install SSD/Win 8.1?

so I just order a samsung EVO and I understand the basics of installing SSD's and windows. I built a dual Athlon MP rig when I was 14... but I wouldn't mind some guidance.So I'm going to pop the SSD in, I assume there is a cage for the 2nd hdd includ...

G750JX won't wake up after sleep

Hello,I am having an issue getting the computer awake after I close the lid and it goes to sleep. Whenever I open the lid, nothing happens. I try hitting every key, and the power button and the screen remains blank. The only way I have found to ge...

Csirus by Level 7
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Refresh rate

Hey guys,I recently got hold of a G75VX. Love it so far, aside from 2 things. 1 I've checked around and I know it can't be changed, which sucks (changing the ROG button to disable windows key instead of Splendid).The other issue I'm having is the gam...

Aramazd by Level 7
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G55VW Touchpad question and driver

The touchpad on this is good and bad, the good is that the surface is smooth and the left/right buttons are also perfectly fine and clicks very easily and it is quiet.The bad is the damn actual moving of your finger when just moving the cursor or tap...

My new Asus G750JX

Hi,got the lappy with the 3D screen which is superb. almost max everything on the current games, metro last light and far cry 3. i got the 250ssd+1tb spinner version intending to replace them with my 2x500 ssd's.tried to remove the crapware which wen...

gazzacbr by Level 10
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Turning G55VW to a hotspot

Hello,I was using mhotspot to turn my laptop into a hotspot when i had win7 ..But after updating to windows 8.1 Pro it doesn't work ..The wifi is created but i have no internet access from the connected devices.any help is appreciated